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    Dogs;  (Some at Stud to approved bitches. )


Oakglen Mr. Bumble     (Bumble )       black                                    d.o.b.    21.12.07   Hips 3:6    Eyes Clear    

                              Sire.   Rocheby Old Smokey                                                      Dam.   Treburrow Moonlit Shadow of Oakglen


Oakglen Pip              ( Pip)    yellow                                               d.o.b.    21.12.07   Hips 2:2    Eyes Clear              

                              Sire.   Rocheby Old Smokey                                                      Dam.   Treburrow Moonlit Shadow of Oakglen                  


Oakglen Brother Louis ( Louis)    chocolate                                   d.o.b.    20.10.08.   Hips 7:6 Eyes Clear 

                              Sire.  Llanstinan Lloyd  JW                                                        Dam.   Kimvalley Sketch Book Of Oakglen


Oakglen Who Believes In Love  (Biscuit) yellow                       d.o.b.    07.09.09      Hips  5:3  Eyes Clear

                               Sire. Oakglen This Boy                                                             Dam.  Oakglen Utterly Butterly


Oakglen Noskan           ( Monty )       yellow                                       d.o.b.    12.05.10.   Hips 7:4 Eyes Clear

                               Sire. Sh.Ch.Rocheby State Occasion                                         Dam.  Oakglen Penny Lane


Oakglen Song Song Blue            (Blue)     black                                d.o.b. 06.11.10.    Hips 3:4 Eyes Clear                                     

                              Sire.   Rocheby Gamkeeper                                                        Dam.   Oakglen Christmas Carol


Oakglen Walk Like A Man        (Alfie)     chocolate                    d.o.b.    20.12.11.   Hips 3:5 Eyes Clear 

                                Sire. Naiken Suede JW                                                            Dam.  Kimvalley Sketchbook In Oakglen


Oakglen Athos              (Athos)    yellow                                               d.o.b.    18.04.13

                               Sire.  Oakglen Pip                                                                      Dam. Oakglen Scrumpy 


Oakglen  Mr Happy              (Sandy)       yellow                                 d.o.b.     14.04.14    Hips 5:5 Elbows 0:0 Eyes Clear

                               Sire.  Oakglen Normandy                                                            Dam Oakglen Miss Havisham







Oakglen Penny Lane   (Penny)   yellow                                            d.o.b.17.12.02 .       Hips  7:6  Eyes Clear    Now Retired

                              Sire.   Oakglen Sweet Talkin’ Guy                                              Dam.   Rocheby Rainbows End over Oakglen    


Oakglen Christmas Carol        (Clemmie)  yellow                           d.o.b. 25.12.05.    Hips  6:5  Eyes Clear       Now Retired                         

                              Sire.    Rocheby Statesman                                                        Dam.   Oakglen Penny Lane                               


Kimvalley Sketch Book of Oakglen   (Koko)  chocolate             d.o.b. 16.11.06.    Hips  3:3  Eyes Clear       Now Retired

                              Sire.    Rocheby Statesman                                                        Dam.    Langshott Black Velvet At Kimvalley


Oakglen   Scrumpy    (Breeze)    yellow                                    d.o.b. 13.01.07  Hips  5:4  Eyes Clear

                              Sire.    Oakglen Normandy                                                         Dam.   Follytower Hot Toddy to Rocheby


Oakglen Dream World    ( Polly)     yellow                                        d.o.b.  30.05.07.   Hips  6:8  Eyes Clear

                              Sire.    Kimvalley Wavebreaker In Oakglen                                 Dam.   Oakglen Penny Lane


Oakglen Dreaming          ( Molly)   yellow                                         d.o.b. 30.05.07.     Hips  3:7  Eyes Clear

                              Sire.    Kimvalley Wavebreaker in Oakglen                                 Dam.   Oakglen Penny Lane


Oakglen Miss Havisham       (Tammy)   yellow                               d.o.b. 21.12.07.  Hips  5:5  Eyes Clear

                   Sire .   Rocheby Old Smokey                                                      Dam.   Treburrow Moonlit Shadow of Oakglen


Oakglen Calendar Girl           (Callie)     yellow                                d.o.b 07.07.08    Hips  3:3  Eyes Clear

                             Sire. Sh.Ch.Silver Suede Over Rocheby                                     Dam.  Oakglen Christmas Carol


Oakglen Maggie May         (Maggie) yellow                                   d.o.b.    07.09.09    Hips  4:4  Eyes Clear

                              Sire. Oakglen This Boy                                                              Dam.  Oakglen Utterly Butterly


Oakglen New Born Friend      (Candy)   yellow                                d.o.b. 03.01.10.     Hips  4:6  Eyes Clear                                

                              Sire.   Oakglen Normandy                                                           Dam.  Oakglen Miss Havisham


Oakglen Nos Dha                   (Millie)    yellow                         d.o.b. 12.05.10

                               Sire.  Sh.Ch.Rocheby State Occasion                                         Dam. Oakglen Penny Lane


Oakglen Swiss Maid          (Tillie)            black                                       d.o.b. 27.07.10.                                         

                              Sire.   Oakglen This Boy                                                              Dam.   Oakglen Love Is Life


Oakglen Celtic Lass          (Twirl)          chocolate                                   d.o.b. 27.07.10.   Hips  0:0  Eyes Clear

                              Sire.   Oakglen This Boy                                                              Dam.   Oakglen Love Is Life  


Oakglen Black Satin            (Satin)            black                                 d.o.b. 15.08.10.                                         

                              Sire.   Oakglen Mr Bumble                                                          Dam.   Oakglen True Love Ways


Oakglen Surfer Girl          (Cindy)            chocolate                                d.o.b. 15.08.10.        Hips  4:7  Eyes Clear                                 

                              Sire.   Oakglen Mr Bumble                                                          Dam.   Oakglen True Love Ways


Oakglen Celtic Mistress            (Misty)     black                                d.o.b. 26.10.10.       Hips 6:4 Eyes Clear                                  

                              Sire.   Oakglen Mr Bumble                                                          Dam.   Oakglen Scrumpy


Oakglen Cracklin' Rosie           (Rosie)     black                                d.o.b. 06.11.10.                                         

                              Sire.   Rocheby Gamkeeper                                                          Dam.   Oakglen Christmas Carol


Oakglen Follow That Dream         (Dream)     yellow                      d.o.b 06.04.11      Hips  5:5  Eyes Clear

                              Sire.  Oakglen Pip                                                                         Dam.  Oakglen Dreaming


Oakglen Windchime              (Windy)     yellow                                 d.o.b 09.07.11      Hips 4:3  Eyes Clear

                              Sire. Oakglen Normandy                                                                Dam.  Oakglen Calendar Girl


Oakglen Sherry       (Sherry)             chocolate                                     d.o.b.  20.12.11.Hips  5:4  Eyes Clear

                              Sire. Naiken Suede JW                                                                   Dam.  Kimvalley Sketchbook In Oakglen


Oakglen Springtime              (Bonnie)      yellow                                  d.o.b. 17.02.14.                                       

                             Sire.   Oakglen Normandy                                                                Dam.  Oakglen Dreamworld





With very fond memories, some of our past Labrador Retrievers, that have all given us so much:-


Rocheby Nickel Piece of Oakglen   (Sam)   yellow                    d.o.b. 22.10.96.     Hips 4:7     Eyes clear.              

                              Sire.   Pamilo Whisky Chaser of Rocheby                                  Dam.   Rocheby Copper Coin

Oakglen Sweet Talkin' Guy  (Guy)   yellow                                    d.o.b 23.07.01.      Hips 6:3     Eyes clear.                       

                              Sire.   Rocheby Old Smokey                                                      Dam.   Rocheby Starlyte of Oakglen

Follytower Hot Toddy to Rocheby   (Toddy)  black                  d.o.b. 18.01.01.                                        

                              Sire .   Sh.Ch. Rocheby Whisky Mac                                          Dam.   Follytower Wagtail   

Nookery Forest Dancer in Oakglen  (Bramble)  black              d.o.b. 02.06.01.                                        

                              Sire.    Watermere Jethro at Quokka                                           Dam.   Nookery Lady Faithful

Rocheby Rainbows End Over Oakglen (Crystal) yellow          d.o.b. 14.06.99

                              Sire.    Rocheby Sutton Park Deacon Blue                                   Dam. Sh.Ch.Rocheby Polkadot

Treburrow Moonlit Shadow of Oakglen   (Shadow)  black     d.o.b. 22.06.02.                                          

                              Sire.   Lembas To The Moon And Back                                      Dam.   Treburrow Jenny’s Wren      

Oakglen Normandy  (Winston)   yellow                                            d.o.b.  03.06.04.    Hips 4:4     Eyes Clear.         

                              Sire.  Oakglen Sweet Talkin' Guy                                               Dam.   Rocheby Rainbows End over Oakglen

Oakglen True Love Ways   (Holly)   black                                       d.o.b. 20.12.02.                                         

                              Sire.   Oakglen Brightlyte                                                           Dam.   Follytower Hot Toddy to Rocheby





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